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Guangdong Jingfu technology CO,LTD Complete quality control process :


1.QCC: quality assurance circle. Including IQC, IPQC, FQC, oqc, QA, QE, TQC, etc


2. IQC: incoming quality inspection. After the material demand order is released, the enterprise performs acceptance inspection on the products supplied by the supplier. IQC is established on this basis, and its role is to ensure the benign material inventory of the enterprise. Depending on the enterprise's different material inspection standards, the number of people in this department will vary. You can set up a section, group, class, or a single one (determined by the scale standard) (full inspection, sampling inspection)


3. IPQC / PQC: process inspection. After material acceptance, due to batch sampling inspection and storage in the warehouse, there will also be products with quality problems in this process. Therefore, it is required to determine the quality of the first article of the product when the product is put on line. The function of PQC is to confirm the first article and conduct quality specification and supervision during batch production. So as to improve the yield of processed products and reduce the cost



4. FQC: This is a comprehensive unit. It is also called final inspection (manufacturing process). After the production is completed, the products flow to the offline, i.e. packaging and warehousing. During this process, FQC will conduct comprehensive quality inspection on the products, including packaging, performance, appearance, etc. Ensure that the performance, appearance and packaging of the warehoused products are good and meet the requirements. According to the needs of customers and the necessity of production control, full inspection and packaging can be set. In short, a group of production personnel engaged in packaging inspection and warehousing after quality training belong to the off-line production process. It can also be completed by the production unit, and FQC conducts sampling inspection and warehousing.



5. QA: quality assurance engineer. This is a job description, which should be said to be the quality assurance team. It is an internal unit of the company to improve the investigation of customer complaints, put forward the process optimization plan, and improve the product quality



6.QE: quality customer complaint handling engineer. This is a unit for external quality description, processing and coordination. It is a unit for directly coordinating, explaining and processing with the business end and the client. Including system document control, customer complaint 8D reply, procedure document formulation, etc


TQC: total quality management. It is a new management concept and a new concept that deepens quality into the fields of cost and delivery time. On the basis of the original, requirements are made for more fields, so as to improve the reputation of the enterprise and control the quality more comprehensively.

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